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Truths Of Illusion
Truths of Illusion, is a compilation of my first short stories of fiction.
At the Confessional And Other Calamities Caridad searches for answers about the sudden absence of Dolores, her oldest sister. Though in the process she gets embroiled in her own web of deceit.
Régulo Montoya, the antihero of What No One Knew Of The Dead Man, is passionate about chess, his bike – a Suzuki Van Van 125 – and betting on the lottery.
Maruja, the main character of Presumed Indecent: The Story of Maruja Colina, marries the man of her dreams, and they throw a lavish wedding party that everybody in La Neblina is talking about.
© 2016 Belangela G. Tarazona • All Rights Reserved 
© 2016 Belangela G. Tarazona • All Rights Reserved