d.23  nov 2015
El Novenario

I remember I was nine when my father passed
I saw it all from my room,
in diagonal across from my parents
mother running out of the house to get help
I remember father laying in bed
his body, a fish jumping like a if
just been reeled out of the water,
for a while
then he lied still
I remember ...

I saw a gray tulle-like shadow
swirled in a slow spiral motion
I was not afraid,
must have been my father's soul
the soul granny talked about when she read from the Bible
my father's soul bumping into the walls
as if desperate to part from a body that no longer belonged to it
I ran into my parents' room to help it out
find its place in heaven.

an air current behind me
blew out through the window I just opened
saw it sprinkle a fine ash over the backyard
the rustle as dried leaves swept away by the wind
the fine dust covering the roses
the cage my father built to shelter green parakeets
the flowerpot where the first wild strawberries popped out
a lemon tree father planted when my little sister was born
Mother found me standing by the window
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PHOTO CREDIT:  ID 1631813 © Jan Van den brink | Dreamstime.com
© 2016 Belangela G. Tarazona • All Rights Reserved 
© 2016 Belangela G. Tarazona • All Rights Reserved 
© 2016 Belangela G. Tarazona • All Rights Reserved